My CMS blocks are disappeared after the Magento update

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Permission settings on Blocks

When you've updated your store to it's possible that some of your content CMS blocks are not visible anymore.
This is because of the new security settings in this version of Magento. It can be easily fixed by adding the certain Blocks to the permission list.

1. Go to permission settings
System > Permissions > Blocks
Add New Block
Block Name: cms/block
Is Allowed : Yes

Responsive Gallery: CMS Block Name: gallery/show
Shopreview: CMS Block Name: shopreview/widget
The Feedback Company: CMS Block Name: feedbackcompany/custom
Webwinkelkeur: CMS Block Name: webwinkelconnect/snippets
Webwinkelkeur custom: CMS Block Name: webwinkelconnect/custom
Kiyoh Connect: CMS Block Name: kiyoh/snippets
Kiyoh Snippets: CMS Block Name: kiyohsnippets/snippet
Ekomi Snippets: CMS Block Name: ekomisnippets/snippets
TradeTracker: CMS Block Name: tradetracker/conversionpixel