The config of the configuration of this Channable Order API extension is located at: System > Configuration > Magmodules > Channable Order API

Magento Channable Order API

General Settings
Set the general settings to connect your store with the Channable order API extension. Here you can see the version of theChannable order API and activate the extension.

You can only use the Order API extension together with our Channable Feed extension.

Magento Channable Order API

Order API Settings on Storelevel
To activate and view the settings of the Channable order API you need to select the right storeview using the dropdown on the top of the left.

Enable or disable the order API for the specific storeview.

Shipping Method
Set the default Shipping Method that you want to use on the Channable orders and a fallback when the default isn't available.
You can setup the Channable Shipping Method in the shipping methods in your Magento configuration.

Import Customers
To import the customer details into your Magento store set this function to yes.

If you want to import the customer details, set the right customer group where you want to import the customer.

Seperate housenumber
If you use the second 'street' field as a separate house-number field, enable this option. 

Create invoice for order
Select if you want to create a invoice for customer bought thorugh Channable.

Item API Settings on Storelevel
Enable or disable the order API for the specific storeview.

Set the webhook for this storeview which can be found in your Channable dashboard.

Now you can see the Channable Item updates and conditions under the Catalog -> Channable Item Updates item tab in your Magento store.

Magento Channable Order API

Cron Settings
Item Cron Frequency
Use the Cronjob to update the Item Cron Frequency, make sure that your Magento cronjob is running fine before enabling this functionality. Choose the Frequency of the cronjob task in the dropdown.

Product Limit
Set a limit on the number of products for each update. In this way you reduce the load of the cronjob task.

Magento Channable Order API

In order to use the Channable API, you have to set the API settings on the store level where you want to import the orders from Channable. The settings are only visible when you have the right store-view selected through the store switcher on the top left.

Check the overview to see which store is connected on the specific url's together with the Item API update status as date and time.

Magento Channable Order API

Debug item call
Show API debug code on single item update request (Channable Item update grid), only enable this when errors occur in request.

Log item updates
Enable the log function to write all the mutations and actions to the channable log file located in the var/log folder from your Magento Root e.g. var/log/channable.log or us the download button to directly download the logfile. Logfile mentions could be like;

TIME - DEBUG (7): Order Import - Error: Product "" not found in catalog (ID: ) - Channble ID: 122
TIME - DEBUG (7):: Order Import - Success - Order ID: 100000171
TIME - DEBUG (7): Order Import - Error: Product "Test Product" not available in requested quantity - Channble ID: 122

Magento Channable Order API

Channable Test Order
To make sure all the configuration is set right you can import a test order using the order URL shown in the URL section and add a test order with a specific product. In this way you can test the order flow and the stock updates for the Channable Item API. The test can be completed by adding the url tag "/test/productID" as "/test/32" for example. By adding the "/test/43" the complete URL will look like;


With this action a new (test)order will be imported or there will be a mention whenever the order can't be imported.