Setup a Widget with Kiyoh Reviews

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To locate the widget configuration section and start implementing a widget for Kiyoh Reviews locate to;

  • Content
  • Elements; Widgets

Now you have selected the Type as Kiyoh Reviews Widget and set your Design Package/Theme, you can set up the following details;

Widget Title
Set a widget title for internal references only.

Assign to Store Views
Select to which store view you want to assign the Kiyoh Reviews widget. 

Sort Order
Set the sort order in case there are other widgets with the same settings configured.

Layout Updates
Easily select on which pages and in which container the Kiyoh Reviews widget should be shown in your template.

Now the storefront properties are set, you can configure the Kiyoh Reviews Widget.

Widget Mode
Select what kind of widget you want to show, choose between;

  • Sidebar; Shows is a predesigned Kiyoh Reviews sidebar widget with the options to show reviews and let them slide.
  • Small; Shows is a predesigned small Kiyoh Reviews widget in Kiyoh Reviews design with your storename, a single text line, total score and a link to the review page if enabled.
  • Plain; Shows a single text line with the store name and score without any styling.
  • Custom; An empty .PHTML file where you can develop your own widget, all available variables are there commented in the source file located at  /view/frontend/templates/widget/review/custom.phtml.

You can also add this same Kiyoh Reviews widget directly to a static block or CMS page through the WYSIWYG editor in Magento.
From the toolbar in WYSIWYG just select the widget function to put in a Kiyoh Reviews widget and configure it the way described above.

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