Configure the Sooqr Connect extension

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In the general section of the Sooqr configuration you can check the Version number, the unique Token and disable or enable the extension.

Frontend Implementation
Set the general settings to connect your store with the Sooqr API. You can find your Sooqr Account ID and Sooqr API Key in your Sooqr account.

Enable or disable the frontend implementation of the Sooqr Connect

API Details
You can find your Sooqr Account ID in your Sooqr account, you can find the link in the information box at the top of this page. Your Sooqr Account ID should look like SQ-12345-1.

Sooqr Account ID
Fill in your Sooqr account ID

Sooqr API Key
Fill in your Sooqr account API Key

Enable or disable the statistics for your Sooqr Account

Advanced Settings
The advanced settings are recommend for developers only

Staging Environment
Set to yes if your using the Sooqr Connect on a Staging environment

Parent HTML node
Set the parent HTML node

Enable Debugging
Activate debugging when needed

Frontend Version
Select the desired frontend version

Custom JS
Add Custom JS here when needed

This section lists all the available attributes for the Sooqr Product Feed. Some attributes are required for all products and some are required for certain product types such as apparel, others are recommended. To get the best results with Sooqr lease make sure that you provide most of the attributes.

Product Fields
Connect the right attributes for the name and description to export the values to the Sooqr feed. The description will be truncated to a maximum of 5000 characters and stripped from html.

Select the attribut that your using for the Name value

Select the attribut that your using for the SKU value

Select the attribut that your using for the Description value

Select the attribut that your using for the Brand value

Set the right source for your images and resize it to make sure Sooqr is not using source images that are to big as this can slow down the search.

Extra Fields
You can add custom fields to your feed when needed. Please make sure that your using the latest custom fields standards to prevent error messages in the feed. The guidelines for the custom fields can be found right in our knowledgebase.

Configurable & Grouped products
When using configurable or grouped products you can choose to pull information from the parent products. It's specified as 'Configurable products - non apparel' or 'Apparel' markup so activate the Apparel setting to enable the Apparel markup in your feed.

Select in the multiple-select box below the fall-back data for the configurable / grouped products in the feed.
You can select the attributes where you want to use the Parent Data for Simple.

This option allows you to include/exclude products from the Sooqr feed based on the product visibility or stock information.

This option allows you to add products with the following visibility.

This option allows you to include or exclude products from a specific category.

Exclude Products on Stock Level
Select yes to exclude all the products from the feed with the status: out of stock.

Set to yes if you want to export your CMS pages into the feed to use them in the Sooqr Search engine.

Each store view will have it's own Sooqr feed, you can easily enable or disable the Sooqr feed generation on store level or automatically generate the Sooqr feed. In case your not using the cron job functionality it's possible to generate the Sooqr feed manually.

Feed Generation
Enable or disable the feed generation for this store view or change the filename.

Enable or disable the feed generation for this storeview

Set a filename for the certain storeview

Set a limit on the productfeed if needed

A cronjob is a daemon which continues running and gets activated at a certain interval (time period). Please ensure that your default Magento Cron is working. If not, contact your hosting company for help.

Enable or disable the cronjob to generate the feed automatically

Set the frequency on how often you want to automatically generate a new feed

All active feeds are shown in the overview below.
The .XML URL is the URL which can be provided into your Sooqr Account. Regarding some cache settings in the browser it's also possible to download the Feed to make sure that you are viewing the latest version. There is a small note at the end of the XML file where you can find the time of generation and the number of products.

Note: Make sure that you save the configuration after the settings are changed and before you generate the feed.

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