Magento and Biller Webhook Communication

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When you are developing on a webshop, you want to test if the Biller payment methods are working correctly before deploying to your production environment.
But when placing an order in your demo/staging environment you may encounter the issue that the Biller Payment Process page is stuck during loading.

This is because Biller will try to contact your webshop during this process to notify your Magento store if the order is paid, authorized, or canceled for example.
To perform this action, Biller e needs valid URLs that can be reached from the Biller servers to send these updates. 

In case the staging/development environment is behind a .htaccess or IP Block, the webhook can't be reached by Biller and the order can't be processed in the right way within Magento.
For the IP Block, we recommend temporarily disabling the IP restriction or contacting Biller to request the used IPs.

For the .htaccess we've developed the feature to fill in the htaccess by the plugin.
Only enable this option if your environment is behind a htaccess login realm so a username and password can be appended to the webhook URL.

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