Edit the Transactional E-mail

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Magento email templates are easy to access, go to System > Transactional Emails

In this dashboard you can see the edited Magento email templates, if you didn't changed any default templates this dashboard will be empty. Now click the "add new template" to load the email so it can be edited.

Now you can load any default Magento template you want, select this in the dopdown next to "template", for example the "Reviewemail Template (first)". Then set the locale/language of this template. Click "load template" and it will load the HTML template code below.
Please insert a new template name (do not copy names that already exist in the drop down men) in the Template name field, such as New Order2.

Next you can edit the code in the Template Content section: If you examine this code, you will see that you can easily make minor alterations to the text in the email. Do not worry about breaking the code. You are creating a new email template at this stage, so you are not overwriting what is already in place.

(Note: Dreamweaver users can cut and paste this code into Live viewin Dreamweaver to have more control over the HTML code)

Click the "Save this template" button when you are finished.

After you have saved your template, go to the extension where you can set the right Email Template. For example the Product Review Reminder, see on the left. In the dropdown "Email Template" here you can choose the email template you wish to use and then click SAVE CONFIG. Save the configuration and Magento will now use your new email template instead of the default one.

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