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Multi Store Pick Up & Pay Pack

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Create a new pick up shipment & payment method en let you send the 'ready to pick-up' e-mail in just seconds! When the client choose to pick up the order in the available stores it's possible to show the payment method "pay in the store" so customers can place their orders efficiently and get them from the store whenever it's ready. The chosen location can receive a copy of this "ready to pick up" e-mail so they have the right order and customerdeatils.

You can add an unlimited number of stores so your customer can select easily select the store they prefer. When the shipping method is chosen a new button will appear in the back-end/admin of your Magento store. Using this button will send an e-mail with some personal order details and more information about the store so the customer knows where they can pick up and pay the order when selected.

E-mail: Your order is ready to pick-up!

As soon as the order is ready to be picked up from the store you can send the ready to pick up e-mail within a mouse-click in the admin. This e-mail can be customized through the template in general and the specific location details will be loaded within a static block. In this way, you can edit each store details separately and easily so your customer have the right details about the store and the order in the style of the specific stores. The order confirmation that the client receives will contain the shipping method "pickup in store".

Payment method: Pay at store

If you want, your customers can pay at the store. You can easily enable the new payment method in the admin area, you even can give a discount or extra fee to everybody who pays at your store. It's also possible disable this method so your clients have to pay through your webshop and only use the pick-up at store as shipping method or only show the pay at store payment method when the customer has chosen to also pick up the order in the store.

In-store shipping method: Store Pick-up

The new pick up at store shipping method can be easily configured in the shipping method section. Within the location table you can specify a unlimited number of different stores. You can set a title, description, email address and static block on this location. The description will be shown in the checkout, the email address is an option to BCC this store locations and the static block will be loaded in the "ready to pick up" e-mail that's send when the order is ready. For the handling and/or shipping fee there are a few options, it's possible to calculate this price based on the total order or on the number of items.

Back-end button: Ready for pick up!

In the back-end it's possible to send the "ready for pick up" email in just seconds. As you can see in the screenshots there is a new button available to easily send the programmed "ready for pick up" e-mail to the customer. In this way you can only send the customer this email whenever the order is ready to be picked up in the chosen store.

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  • New Payment method: Pay in Store
  • New Shipping method: Pick up in Store
  • Possibility to enable Pay in Store only when the Picked up in store shipping method is selected
  • Create a unlimited number of stores
  • Easily edit the e-mail with the store information through a static block
  • Send the Pick up e-mail within one click
  • Easily add a Pick up fee or discount per order or item
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Fast configuration
  • 15 day money back guarantee 
  • Add a unlimited number of stores
  • Works with the latest versions of Magento
Release opmerkingen Back to Top, release date: 21-07-2020

  • Composer release

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